ASHLAND Youths wielding golf clubs, baseball bats and a CO2 pistol were seen by one eyewitness to the Thursday evening brawl that left two juveniles stabbed and in serious condition.

Paula Profit said she was driving home Thursday with her 11-year-old son in the car when she saw about 20 adolescent age boys duking it out at the intersection of Blackburn Avenue and Oakview Road.

“The car ahead of me wasn’t moving and then I saw the kids in the yard,” Profit said. “Then I saw the kids in the yard with the baseball bats and the golf clubs.” 

Stuck in traffic on the Blackburn side of the street, Profit said she could see a male standing in the front yard of a home waving around what looked like a pistol.

“I thought it was a gun, because those CO2 guns look realistic,” Profit said. “The way he was waving it around, it was not good gun safety. I heard pops.” 

A concealed carry permit holder, Profit said she had her hand on her pink pistol ready to draw if trouble came to her car. Her first concern watching the incident was protecting her son, Profit said.

“My son was afraid he was going to get shot,” Profit said. “I told him Mommy loves him and I wouldn’t let him get hurt.” 

Profit said she saw other motorists and bystanders try to get involved. The car ahead of her moved and she was able to get to the parking lot of a nearby pizza shop. By that time, Profit said she was on the phone with 911.

According to Ashland Police, officers arrived at 6:15 p.m. to investigate the front-yard rumble. Police said two juveniles were stabbed as a result of the incident and are currently in serious condition at Cabell Huntington Hospital. Another juvenile was treated for cuts and bruises and released from the King’s Daughter Medical Center, police said.

Further investigation showed another fight occurred at 29th Street and Holt Street, police said.

City Police Chief Todd Kelley said Friday investigators are still in the evidence collection phase and are working to establish basic facts such as timeline of the fights and how many people were involved. The large amount of juveniles and potentially young adults make the investigation a bit trickier than a typical assault, according to the chief.

“Investigations like this are different than, say, if you have two people involved,” Kelley said. “We were spread out last night trying to determine who got injured, who all is involved. We’re still trying to figure out where this thing started.” 

Kelley did confirm Friday no arrests have been made in the case. He could not give any updates on the conditions of the victims.

Profit said she didn’t get a wink of sleep Thursday night.

“I wish I hadn’t seen all that,” Profit said. “As a parent, it was hard to watch. I hope the kids in the hospital pull through. I can’t imagine how kids could get so angry they’d stab each other like that.” 

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