WESTWOOD Low rankings in Kentucky’s new public school accountability system result in placement of Fairview Independent Schools in Comprehensive School Improvement status, Superintendent Jackie Risden-Smith said Monday.

Governing councils at the schools are dissolved under the designation and responsibility for improving now rests on her shoulders, Risden-Smith said in a report to the board of education.

The Kentucky Department of Education will audit Fairview Middle and Fairview High schools and work with the district on turnaround planning, and also will assess the ability of Risden-Smith and principals to lead the district through the turnaround.

Fairview Elementary and Fairview Middle School, which is part of the high school, received one star in the new five-star ranking system. Fairview High received two stars. The district as a whole received one star.

The elementary was identified last year as CSI and was audited at that time. Risden-Smith also received affirmation of her leadership ability and will not have to do so again.

Accountability data released by the state showed low proficiency at the elementary, very low proficiency at the middle school and medium proficiency at the high school compared to state averages.

Growth, which measures a student’s continuous improvement toward proficiency, was very low at the elementary and low at the middle school.

“More kids are growing than not, but we have to have all kids growing. That’s our goal,” she said.

At the high school, transition readiness was very low and the graduation rate, 92.4%, was low.

“It’s not where we want to be, but it’s not representative of the teaching and learning going on now,” she said.

The district has made changes at the elementary for growth and sustainability, including interventions, new curriculum, a new schedule and focus data to improve learning, she said.

Improvement efforts at the middle and high school are focusing on meeting individual student needs, new curriculum, instructional practice and high expectations, she said.

One bright spot is ACT scores. Fairview saw average scores go from 17.3 to 18.8, She said. The test is administered to all Kentucky high-school juniors.

Risden-Smith expects to see results from the changes in next year’s accountability data.

“My goal is three stars by the end of this year for all schools and the district. The long-term goal is to be in the top 10%,” she said.

Risden-Smith is holding a community meeting at 5:30 p.m. today in the high school cafeteria to discuss improvement plans. There will be a community financial update at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 22.

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