Rock on

Devil's Creek Special

ASHLAND Devil’s Creek Special is a band that stays busy: They perform at local venues and festivals nearly every weekend.

This weekend’s gig will be opening for Thunderstruck at Ashland’s River Front, a concert by the Paramount Arts Center.

Devil’s Creek shows are marked by the high-energy performance of the band.

Lead singer Nick Carr said most band members have been together since 2011, but they have played under the current band name since 2016. The secret to their success is playing to the crowd.

“A big part of it is song choice,” Carr said, noting members gauge the demographic of the crowd to estimate what attendees will want to hear.

Band members also are passionate about what they do, singer Celeste Watts said.

 Drummer Jordan Roberts agreeded.

“We have fun,” he said. “That makes all the difference. The whole time we are up there, I’m joking with them, and they are playing around. We are just having a good time, and I think the crowd can see that.”

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