ASHLAND – A couple who were arrested at a drug bust at a home in Ashland have been indicted by the grand jury on felony charges.

The Ashland Police Department conducted a drug bust at a home on Ashland Avenue recently, seizing LSD and approximately $90,000 worth of marijuana from an indoor grow operation, police said.

Derrick Frank Carper, 29, and Hilary Carmeil Carper, 31, were arrested after authorities conducted a search of the residence and discovered drugs. The Boyd County Grand Jury indicted the married couple on September 5 on the charges of cultivate in marijuana, five or more plants, a class D felony, an first-degree possession of the controlled substance LSD, a class D felony, according to court records. Both individual's bail was set at $50,000 full cash.

Ashland Police Department Chief Todd Kelley said that officers were on foot patrol in a neighborhood when they detected the smell of what was believed to be marijuana.

“A lot of times when you're growing it inside your house, there is a want to vent (it), it becomes so strong,” said Kelley.

Officers made an application for a search warrant based off the strong smell of the residence and searched the home, locating the LSD and marijuana.

Officers seized 22 marijuana plants from the residence, valued at approximately $80,000, three pounds of marijuana, valued at $10,000, and LSD, according to police reports. Kelley said that the value is determined through a reporting module put out by Kentucky State Police.

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