City Commisson

Ashland Board of Commissioner’s met and approved the consent agenda on Thursday, Aug. 8. Photo by Temecka Evans

ASHLAND City leaders approved several items during Thursday’s Board of Commissioners meeting.

The commission approved the following items from the consent agenda:

  •  A payment in the amount of $98,780 to Service Pump & Supply Co., Inc. for refurbishing and reinstalling of one flowserve model 23 EPM raw water intake pump at the Ashland Water Treatment Plant, Department of Utility Operations.
  • A payment in the amount of $25,867.50 to GRW for the design and engineering work completed for the Ashland Water Treatment Plant SCADA and instrumentation upgrades.
  • A payment of $2,970.00 to Barton & Loguidice for the work completed on the filter failure investigation at the Ashland Water Treatment Plant.
  • A payment of $163,653.28 to Southern Ohio Trenching & Excavating, Inc. for the waterline replacement project on U.S. 23 from 43rd Street to 11th Street.
  • A payment for $35,909.90 to LJB, Inc. for the engineering services completed on the 2019 waterline replacement project.
  • Awarded the bid for the purchase of one 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe for the Ashland Fire Department to Don Hall Chevrolet in the amount of $37,363.00 and approving payment upon acceptance of vehicle.
  • An approval for Ashland Community Kitchen to host Chili Fest on Sept. 28 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This would include set-up on Friday, Sept. 27, at noon and closing the Paramount parking lot and 14th Street between Winchester Avenue and Carter Avenue at an estimated city staff cost $119.83 to be paid by Ashland Community Kitchen.
  • An approval for KYOVA’s efforts to apply for a grant for a KYTC feasibility study of the downtown area and development.
  • An approved probationary appointment of Administrative Assistant in the department of general government, division of human resources, effective Aug. 11.
  • An approved probationary appointment of wastewater treatment operators, department of utilities, division of wastewater treatment plant, contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a physical examination. These positions are each budgeted for $51,418 salary and benefits.

Item 6 was read and approved by the other commissioners and it authorized a payment of $9,967.50 to Tri-State Construction & Enterprise for the work completed on the Safe Harbor renovation project.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting will be Aug. 22 at noon.