RACELAND If grabbing random voters walking out of a polling station is any scientific measure, then things were looking good for Judge Bob Conley on his home turf.

The Greenup County Circuit Court Judge was making a bid Tuesday for a slot on Kentucky’s highest court. Of the five out of six voters asked about Conley outside of the Raceland polling station, each said he or she cast a ballot for Conley.

Preliminary results show Conley collected in Greenup showed Conley with a commanding lead; he held 2,057 votes for the 7th District Supreme Court seat while his two opponents held a combined total of 547 votes.  

One voter, Ruthanne Highley, said the No. 1 reason she came out to vote on Tuesday was to cast her ballot in favor of the hometown candidate for the Supreme Court.

“I’ve known Bob Conley since he was born, I know his whole family,” she said. “I told him I would and here I am.”

Amanda Manning, another voter, said she came out to vote for Conley based on her experiences dealing with him in the court system.

“I've had instances where I’ve been working underneath him and I really like him,” Manning said.

One woman, who although she agreed to be interviewed declined to give her name, wouldn’t say she voted for Conley.

“I'm a Bobby fan, but I'm not going to answer that question,” she said with a laugh. “I’m a Bobby fan and have been for a long time.”

Mail-in ballots and such have not be all counted — those results are expected by next week at the latest. However, unless there’s a huge surprise waiting in those envelopes, Conley should take his home county.

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