ASHLAND The Ashland Board of City Commissioners approved the fiscal year 2021 budget in Thursday’s meeting.

The budget will stretch for the 12-month period beginning July 1, 2020 and ending on June 20, 2021. The total budget is $63,828,970. It includes the following allocations:

• $24,497,021, general fund

• $298,450, TIF fund

• $383,290, municipal aid road fund

• $1,624,753, Community Development Block Grant fund

• $3,417,048, voucher fund

• $436,903, floodwall fund

• $28,415,442, utility fund

• $2,634,475, Ashland bus system

• $955,106, recreation fund

• $136,740, Ashland cemetery fund

• $1,029,742, capital purchase improvement fund

The board approved fixing the regulatory license fee at 4% of the gross receipts for the sale of alcoholic beverages within city limits. The proceeds are to be used to reimburse the city for expenses to sell alcoholic beverages.

The city expects the projected revenue from this tax will be $558,500.

The commission also approved for the finance department to establish a $8 million line of credit on behalf of the city. The line of credit will be established so the city can borrow sufficient funds for operational expenses for the fiscal year 21. The funds will come from a local bank.

The city also approved three items from the consent agenda per the city manager’s recommendation. Those items were:

• Awarding the bid for the purchase of approximately 1,500 tons of treated rock salt to compass minerals America Inc. in the amount of $62.50 per ton.

• The reduction in force of the fleet maintenance/solid waste superintendent, until such time as revenues increase to allow the employee to return to work.

• The approval to appoint an employee previously laid off due to COVID-19 to the position of maintenance worker I, streets department, effective June 29.

The commission will meet again today at 8:30 a.m.

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