ASHLAND Water improvement projects in Ashland are coming along, City Manager Mike Graese told the city commission Thursday.

During a regularly scheduled meeting held on Zoom — each of the commissioners tuning in from offices and living rooms, looking like the Brady Bunch — Graese said the remodel at the Summit Water Tank is expected to be done by Dec. 1, with the tank itself back in operation early next week if everything goes according to plan.

Graese also showed the commission pictures of improvements down at the water treatment plant, including the infamous Venturi meter that keeps throwing water measurements off. With the meter dug out, Graese said crews have installed a new meter.

A manhole will be installed with the new meter in order to allow access to the meter in case it needs worked on, Graese said.

The commission approved a change order to include a sump pump in the manhole in case it fills with water.

After the meeting, Graese said water was being pumped through the meter, but it will take some time to see how accurately it reads.

Noticeably absent from the meeting was Commissioner Marty Gute, who announced this week on Facebook he had contracted COVID-19. Gute was previously diagnosed with the virus earlier this year, but it was later revealed to be a false positive.

The commission approved a total of $200,737 in change orders for various projects, including the Summit Tank, the water plant and the Pollard Mills drainage project.

In addition to accepting some price increases on projects, the city also paid off the 34th Street Catlettsburg waterline replacement project and whittled away at what it owes on the projects over at Pollard Mill.

The commission also voted to form a streamlined process for special events in the city — such as marches and protests — in order to keep from running afoul of any First Amendment issues. City Attorney Jim Moore said it was really a move to get the process down in writing and to make sure that the granting of permits for events would be done based on “the time, place and manner, not the content of the event.”

Commissioners then took an hour-long executive session to deal with a grievance, which was approved.

The city commission will meet today to finalize some of the votes they took up on first reading.

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