ASHLAND At least one local chiropractor wasn’t pleased to get orders to close offices to patients by 5 p.m. Friday, part of the anti-coronavirus social distancing effort.

Dwain Porter of Porter Chiropractic said he saw it coming, but wasn’t happy about it.

“My immediate reaction is we are health care providers. We do have an oath to uphold and to shut us down totally, let us make that decision,” Porter said. “If you take away chiropractic care, patients are going to seek help one way or another. They will still go to the ER. I see patients every day who have been to the ER. It will actually overflow the hospital.”

Porter said his patients were shocked by the news.

“They said, ‘What am I gonna do?’ But even though I won’t see patients in the office, I will be in the office and available to take calls and answer questions,” Porter said.

He said he doesn’t take the virus lightly and he’s studied information from various sources, included the Centers for Disease Control.

The 59-year-old, who sees about 180 patients a week, said he has been taking precautions not to contract coronavirus and to protect patients.

He said he also is a nutritionist and teaches patients to build their immune systems to protect themselves from viruses.

His clinic has a gym and he offers physical therapy. Porter said exercise is one of the ways to build the immune system.

“We know we can built immunity from (coronavirus) because some people are immune to it,” he said, recommending everyone eat well, exercise, take extra vitamins — especially vitamin C — wash hands, get sunlight daily and maintain a positive attitude.

“Panic increases cortisol and that lowers your immunity,” he said. Conversely, having excitement and something to look forward to contributes to a healthy immune system, so missing out on sports and other events, plus the uncertainty of what will happen next, works against building immunity.

In caring for patients, Porter said he has taught them stretches to targeted at their problem areas and he said he encourages everyone to continue with those exercises.

As for financial ramifications, it’s uncertain.

“I have no idea,” Porter said. “It’s my opinion the depression and recession we’re going to hit will be far worse than the virus that cripples us or doesn’t cripples us.”

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