The Ashland Chick-fil-A will close in April for renovations. The store is scheduled to reopen in June. MATT JONES | THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

ASHLAND One of the most popular food service businesses in Ashland is temporarily closing for remodeling.

Ashland City Commissioner Marty Gute said Chick-fil-A will be closing for much of April and into early June.

Gute made the announcement during Thursday’s Ashland Board of City Commissioners meeting.

“It is going to be a complete redo,” Gute said.

The city commissioner said the plans for the restaurant include a new kitchen, upgrade of other infrastructure and even covered lanes for customers driving through.

He said 60 percent of the business at Chick-fil-A comes through the drive-thru. The new structure will also include new heaters and fans to offer comfort for employees as well.

Of the closure Gute said “it is a temporarily a bad thing but it is long term a good thing because

it is one of our most attended restaurants.”

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