Andrew Kunst

A Carter County man was shot and killed at a Marathon gas station on Friday.

Andrew Kunst, a delivery driver who lived on Crane Creek near Grayson, was making a delivery to a Marathon station in Seaman, Ohio, when he interrupted a robbery, according to police. The assailant fatally shot Kunst and wounded an employee of the Marathon station.

The People’s Defender’s Austin Rust reported that Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers responded to a robbery call at the Seaman’s First Stop station near the intersections of State Routes 32 and 247. The robbery was connected to a report of a fire at the assailant’s address, where the burned body of a female was found. Sheriff Rogers said that it is currently surmised that the body belonged to the assailant’s mother.

Rogers detailed the chain of events, stating that the assailant left the fire and went to the gas station, where he attempted to abduct the gas station clerk.

“Mr. Kunst was making a delivery, and his truck was parked behind the gas station,” Rogers said. “It was obvious that he was trying to help her. He could have run, or he could have hid in his truck; but he confronted the assailant instead.”

The assailant fatally shot Kunst and shot the clerk as well, but the clerk survived the attack. The assailant then fled the scene and later that morning, at 7:47, Ohio State Police and an Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to stop a green 1999 Dodge Dakota on St. Rt. 73. The vehicle was reported as being involved in the shooting and several other incidents.

A chase ensued. Rogers said that, during that chase, the assailant sustained what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound which resulted in his death.

The People’s Defender reported that the case is still under investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

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