Kindergarten students

Kindergarten students at Campbell Elementary School in Raceland applauded for the Raceland Police Department on Wednesday, after police and canines came to talk to students on “Helpers Day”. Photo by Carly Carver.

RACELAND Canines, cops and kids all gathered at Campbell Elementary School on Wednesday for an important lesson on special jobs and the importance of school.

The Raceland Police Department joined kindergarten students at Campbell Elementary School for “Helpers Day." Children had the opportunity to ask officers questions, learn about a police officer's job and learn about what roles canines play.

RPD Officer Shannon Salley brought in his canine officer, Rip, who is trained in search and rescue. RPD Officer Tom Robinson brought in his canine officer, Shotsy, who is trained in apprehension and narcotics detention. The Raceland Police Department has three canine officers total.

RPD Chief Don Sammons discussed the importance of the children attending schools, just like canine officers Rip and Shotsy attended school for their jobs.

“Even the dogs have tests,” said Sammons. “These dogs go to school just like you, to learn how to be a police dog.”

“So just like we practice our letters, the dogs have homework, too,” said Jessica Holman, a kindergarten teacher.

Sammons told the children that the police officers also attend school with their canines to learn how to be a handler. The children were also taught about how each police officer, including the canine units, have their own unique badge numbers.

RPD School Resource Officer Jeff Hambrick told the children that he's always working hard for them at their school.

“I'm walking the hallways and making sure that people who don't belong here don't get in,” Hambrick said. “I'll come in the classroom if the teachers need help, but mainly I patrol the school and make sure everyone is safe.”

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