ASHLAND Crabbe Elementary was packed with children dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating on Thursday.

Several families were looking for an option away from frigid wind and intermittent rain, while others just wanted to try something new. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, an ice queen, an inflatable penguin and a “baby shark” were just a handful of the costumes on display.

Nikki Delong came out to Crabbe with her sister, two nephews and niece.

“It’s good to see everyone,” she said.

Delong said trick-or-treating in Crabbe Elementrary was packed compared to the past years when it was held in Central Park. A few of the costumes they wore were a dinosaur, a penguin and a man being abducted by an alien.

“I think seeing her getting excited about it all, and her getting to interact with other people or see things she wouldn’t normally see (is the best part),” said Lois Johnson of her daughter.

Trevor Davis and Johnson found out about the event through their neighbor who recommend they bring their daughter out for the evening. She said it was too cold to trick-or-treat outside.

Matt and Alex VanHorn brought their two children out — a mermaid and a baby shark.

“We found it (the trick-or-treating option) on Facebook,” said Matt VanHorn. “We usually go outside, but with the rain and as cold as it is, we didn’t want the kids out.”

“We were looking for places to do indoor trick-or-treating because of the weather,” said Alex VanHorn. 

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