Maddy Ryan

Maddy Ryan is a local cosmetic artist who is working to help breast cancer patients.

ASHLAND A local makeup artist is part of a program that provides free areola restoration, microblading and scar camouflaging for breast cancer survivors.

Maddy Ryan offers three-dimensional nipple tattooing, eyebrow tattooing and scar camouflaging; she was chosen to be a part of the Sauler University Selective Artist Program.

“This program is a group of artists that are chosen based on their quality of work,” Ryan said. “This isn’t a training program. It is a program that ensures clients are having work done by professional artists.”

Backed by Mandy Sauler, artist for Penn Medicine Cosmetic Service, the program's artists can direct those recovering from breast cancer to the path toward getting the free services.

Ryan is the only artist in Kentucky to be part of Sauler University Selective Artist Program.

“Mandy Sauler is a huge name in the permanent cosmetics industry,” Ryan said. “I did a lot research on how to get my clients procedures paid for because insurance companies are very hard to work with for this specific procedure. This allows my clients to receive this procedure, along with scar camouflaging and microblading.”

Three-dimensional nipple tattooing, or areola restoration, creates the illusion of a nipple when the nipple has been lost to surgery. Scar camouflaging is a kind of tattooing that blends scars into surrounding skin color to make scars less noticeable.

“Most breast cancer patients have little to no feeling in the breast, which makes areola restoration painless,” Ryan said.

Microblading creates eyebrows for those who lost them during chemotherapy.

“Microblading is opening the skin, so I do numb the client twice during this service,” she said. “Clients often do not feel much during the process.”

Ryan is about to put potential clients in touch with a Sauler Institute representative who will guide them through the process of getting qualified, which means clients must have a history of cancer, make less than 600% above poverty level (around $77,000 a year) and fill out a one-page application.

She said the program covers the entire cost of procedures; Ryan bills the program monthly.

Ryan said she understands the toll breast and ovarian cancer can take on a woman, physically and mentally, and she is happy to offer her help.

“I want these women to look at themselves in the mirror and see my work as a reminder of how strong they are and how much they have overcome during their battle,” she said. “I want them to look at their new bodies and see femininity, beauty, pride and strength.”

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To learn more about Maddy Ryan's work or to make an appointment, visit, email or call (606) 547-2231.

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