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Braidy Industries is not able to provide promised jobs to students participating in a special program at this time, but it presented a promising plan on Tuesday.

As students in the Advanced Integrated Technology program at Ashland Community and Technical College near graduation, Braidy outlined support for each of them, including reducing costs.

Braidy broke down four ways it will supply support:

• Mitigation of tuition costs to those who complete the AIT program in full with a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher and meet reimbursement requirements (Braidy has committed up to $250,000 to the ACTC foundation for this purpose)

• Open communications of the mill construction timeline

• Job placement assistance via official workforce placement platforms and networking support with other area manufacturers

• A letter of priority for first interview/placement opportunity at the Braidy Atlas Mill when employment is available

“Braidy remains fully committed to building the mill in Ashland,” said a company spokesperson. “However, the current status does not allow for the aluminum mill, Veloxint (and/or) NanoAl to hire employees this spring. ... We are thankful for the exceptional leadership at ACTC, President Larry Ferguson and program coordinator Michael Tackett who are preparing this region’s workforce for careers. Braidy remains committed to our partnership with ACTC.”

Said Ferguson: “ACTC is grateful for Braidy Industries’ offer to create a fund to help offset tuition expenses for qualified students in our first graduating cohort of the AIT program. We look forward to working with them in sorting out the details for this initiative.”

Added the Braidy spokesperson: “While we know this program will lead to top-notch employees for Braidy, other manufacturing businesses also recognize the value and have indicated eagerness to consider employment by qualified applicants.”

Braidy Industries, if it can stay in tune with its financial goals, is on track to complete the $1.7-$1.8 billion mill by 2022 at EastPark Industrial Center.

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