The EastPark Industrial site.

Braidy Industries announced Tuesday morning a major change in the location for its $1.3 billion aluminum manufacturing mill, from South Shore to the EastPark industrial site in Greenup and Boyd counties.

The move was made necessary by an analysis of the South Shore property and the realization that it could not accommodate the deep foundations necessary to support Braidy's mill, according to Braidy officials. As a result, Braidy is looking to purchase a sizable piece of land on Site B in the EastPark Industrial Center.

Site B of EastPark contains more than 600 acres of land. The original design for the plant in South Shore encompassed about 330 acres. 

Importantly, the property will be immediately adjacent to Ashland Community and Technical College, which is developing a plan for a two-year associates degree in partnership with Braidy.

"In our diligence efforts, we discovered a risk that our peculiar needs for deep foundations for the mill could not be met without incurring material delays to our planned groundbreaking in the second quarter of 2018," said Braidy Industries Executive Vice President of Engineering, Alan Blankshain. "Our site will ultimately have to sustain the type of deep-bore foundations necessary to support massive equipment and the processes required to manufacturer high quality automotive and AeroSpace aluminum."

The company is still in negotiations to buy land on EastPark property. The City of Ashland provides water and sewer services for EastPark. The park is connected to a port on the Ohio River in Wurtland, and is located where Interstate 64 and KY 67 connect. Rail access is also in close proximity.

Braidy Industries Chairman and CEO Craig T. Bouchard said "We will accept no risk of a slowdown to our ground-breaking process. The Braidy mill project is key to regional economic development and a dramatic improvement of the labor participation rate in the five county area. Avoidable delays are not acceptable when so many families want to get back to work. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System is a critical component to securing and training top flight talent we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to colocate with the Ashland Community and Technical College."

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