SUMMIT Boyd County schools return to in-person classes today, two weeks later than most other others in Kentucky, and Superintendent Bill Boblett said the additional days have enabled better preparation.

“We got the opportunity to see what’s going on in the community. I think we have a solid plan for return,” Boblett said.

The extra time has allowed the district to stock up on personal protective equipment, do more cleaning and obtain and install protective barriers for tables and offices, he said.

The district has chosen a hybrid schedule that will put middle-school and high-school students in the building two days a week, with remote instruction the remaining days.

The plan incorporates an A/B schedule under which students on the A schedule will attend Monday and Tuesday while those on the B schedule will be in the building Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a virtual learning day for all.

Elementary students will be in their buildings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will get virtual instruction Wednesday.

The hybrid schedule results in fewer students in their buildings, which makes social distancing more feasible, school officials believe.

“I think our families are prepared and they understand this is going to be a different year and a different school,” Boblett said.

The district will offer virtual-only instruction for the entire year. So far, 786 students have opted for virtual and 2,400 are in traditional face-to-face classes.

Earlier in the year, the board of education had opted for a Nov. 5 return to in-person classes, which would have extended the virtual-only through the first nine-week grading period.

However, board members decided the additional two weeks would not make much difference because of safety precautions the district has set in place.

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