ASHLAND The majority of Boyd County voted for Andy Beshear in Tuesday’s election.

Beshear gathered 6,989 votes (51.8%) in the county compared to 6,182 (45.8%) for incumbent Matt Bevin.

Local officials said there was a positive voter turnout.

Barbara Padgett, a Boyd County election officer clerk, said she felt there was a great turnout at Boyd County Middle School.

Barbara Caudill, a Boyd County election officer judge, said voters from all age groups came to cast their ballots.

Across all 50 precincts, Boyd Countians accounted for 13,502 votes, unofficially. Boyd County Clerk Debbie Jones said the county has 39,000 registered voters.

“Four years ago, we had 9,800 vote,” said Jones. “Compare that to last year, where we had 15,000.”

Last year featured a slew of local races. The last governor’s election took place in 2015.

Boyd County Middle School is the polling station for voters in the districts of Cannonsburg, Marsh Run, Princess, Kyova, Pyramid, Willow, Sandy Creek, Green Hill, Meads (1), Meads (2), Rockdale — Summit and Winslow — and Ironville. The districts combined account for 8,500 to 9,000 voters.

Jones said she was surprised at first by the low attendance when doors first opened at 6 a.m., but the turnout increased throughout the day.

“We had to reorder ballots for eight to nine precincts,” said Jones. The ballots were reordered by the officials through Harp Enterprise, then delivered at locations where more ballots were needed.

Padgett said voter turnout over the years has varied depending on political candidates, as well as weather. Turnout has increased over the past few years, she said.

The following are unofficial results for each statewide race in Boyd County:

•Secretary of State: Michael Adams (R) 6,749; Heather French Henry (D) 6,614

•Attorney General: Daniel Cameron (R) 7,139; Greg Stumbo (D) 6,272

•Auditor: Mike Harmon (R) 6,959; Sheri Donahue (D) 5,688

•Treasurer: Allison Ball (R) 7,439; Michael Bowman (D) 5,762

•Commissioner of Agriculture: Ryan Quarles (R) 6,834; Robert Conway (D) 5,789

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