CATLETTSBURG The Boyd County Fiscal Court unanimously passed a multi-million dollar bond to be used for parks improvement, the farmer’s market, the convention center, the animal shelter and a mysterious economic development project the Judge-Executive touted as a game changer.

While the exact figure on the bond is still being “dialed-in,” Judge-Executive Eric Chaney said it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 million.

At the beginning of the year, the fiscal proposals during a work session to improve Armco Park, construct a building for the farmer’s market and move the animal shelter up by the dog park — the bond, which is a refinancing of a preexisting bond, will go towards those proposals, Chaney said.

But the “massive economic development project will redefine what we are as a county,” Chaney said.

“For years, the interstate has been a one way ticket out of here for when you graduate high school,” Chaney said. “I think this will change that and get people to stay here and bring them home.”

Due to some private sector interests involved, Chaney said he could not disclose what’s going on with the project — although he was clearly busting at the seams to shout it from the roof top of the county building.

“It’s a delicate situation, but within in the next 30 days I think the day will come when we can announce it,” Chaney said.

Commissioner Keith Watts said the deal has been 14-months in the making, but he couldn’t disclose anymore. Chaney said the rest of the country should take a page out of Boyd County’s playbook.

“It ain’t about politics, it’s about people,” Chaney said. “I think both sides of the aisle can learn something from this.”

Commissioner Larry Brown added, “It’s about jobs too.”

The bond is the result of refinancing of a preexisting bond, according Chaney. By keeping the payment the same but lowering the interest, Chaney said there will be an additional $5 million for these projects available.

“That $5 million will be covered by the results of this project,” Chaney said. “This will not come out of the pockets of the taxpayers.”

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