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The Boyd County Fiscal Court at their meeting on Tuesday. Rachel Adkins | The Daily Independent

CATLETTSBURG The Boyd County Fiscal Court is working on a new concept that would allow local businesses to purchase the naming rights of the Community Center and different amenities in county parks to generate more revenue.

Boyd County Judge Executive Eric Chaney said this includes shelters at Armco Park and basketball courts and baseball fields at Fannin Park and Fraley Field.

“We could take the baseball fields and actually sell naming rights on the fields themselves, not on the park as a whole,” said Chaney.

In turn, the money would be reinvested back into the parks. At the baseball fields he said money would be used for upkeep, adding it will allow sporting leagues to spend their money raised on the kids instead of repairs. He pointed out that around 440 kids were in the leauge at Fraley Field last year.

“This could generate $100,000 plus that would be put back into parks and recreation and our Community Center,” he said.

Chaney said the notion of selling naming rights has been in the works for quite some time. He said the court is now developing a pricing sheet for businesses, noting several have already shown their excitement about it.

“It's a great opportunity to get the private sector involved with government,” he noted.

Chaney said the fiscal court also plans on selling naming rights on free outdoor movie nights for the community that can be held at Armco Park or the Community Center. He said he hopes to have this started in August.

“I just think it's a great idea,” said Commissioner Keith Watts at the recent fiscal court meeting. “...We have to come up with new and creative ideas to be able to continue to reinvest back into our communities and that's one of the biggest things that all of us up here would agree on is that reinvesting in our community is the best way to bring about new business into our county.”

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