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From left to right, Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods, Marathon's Chris Hall and Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney pose for a photo after the Boyd County Sheriff's Department received a grant from Marathon on Thursday. CHARLES ROMANS | THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

CATLETTSBURG The Boyd County Sheriff’s Department received a grant from Marathon Petroleum L&S Terminal Division on Thursday. The grant, in the amount of $5,000, was presented to Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods and Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney, and is earmarked to purchase brush guards on the department’s cruisers.

“We had 13 vehicles hit deer last year,” Woods said. And given the repair costs and down time when vehicles require repairs, Woods said that the brush guards would pay for themselves within a year’s time. “Each one of those vehicles carry a $1,000 deductible, which had to come out of taxpayers’ money.”

The sheriff said his department reached out to Marathon with the hope that the corporation would help subsidize the installation of the brush guards and, in essence, help the department save thousands of dollars on repairs each year. The brush guards intended for the vehicles are the style that wraps around the vehicle, and protect headlamps as well. Woods said that, after installation, a deer or other animal would have to strike the side of the vehicle to do appreciable damage. Most collisions involving animals on county roads are due to animals darting out at the vehicle’s front.

The check was presented by Christopher Hall, the Asphalt Terminal Manager at Marathon’s Big Sandy Terminal. Hall said the company budgets a certain amount each year for community enrichment, and he applied for the grant to the Boyd County Sheriff’s Office from that budget. Hall presented the proposal to a corporate committee, listing the need and the purpose which the grant would serve in the community. Hall’s proposal was approved, and the maximum of $5,000 was awarded.

“I stressed that whenever there was an issue, it would be Boyd County Sheriff’s Department (along with other first responders) which would respond,” Hall said.

“I want to thank Marathon for being a good corporate citizen, and for reaching out to help us,” Woods said.

“We appreciate Marathon being a great community sponsor,” Chaney said. “Marathon has provided so many opportunities to the community, and has always supported the community.”

Woods said the grant will help his department install brush guards on 10 of the 12 vehicles that require them.

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