Larry Rice, Horton Rice, Phyllis Rice, James Rice, Patricia Rice, Rosemary Ruggles, Bill Ruggles, Cathy Harris, Talmadge Harris transferred to Barbara Nickell. Prcl Boyd County. $89,000

Ronald B. Crisp Jr., Amber Crisp transferred to Rebecca L. Thomas. 2 Tracts Pt Montgomery Sub. $150,000

John Jeffrey Dasher, Nancy W. Dasher transferred to Ernest Malone, Linda Combs. Lt 32 D. D. Geiger’s Add Catlettsburg. $69,400

John Edgar Leibee transferred to John Edgar Leibee, Susannah Leibee. Lt 94 Rockdale Sub. FMV $57,900

Carline Cummins Oldham Extrx, Charles Oldham Est. Lts 17 & 18 Rolling Acres Sub. $60,000

Carline Cummins Oldham transferred to Charles R. Oldham. Lts 17,18, Pt Lt 16 Rolling Acres Sub. $65,000

Pennymac Loan Services LLC transferred to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Lt 8A Breezeland Heights Sub. FCV $52,100

John Henry Thompson Jr., Patricia H. Thompson transferred to Franklin D. Boggs, Vickie D. Boggs. 2 Trts Boyd County. $15,000

Ronnie L. Biggs, Dana G. Biggs transferred to Tony M. Burge Jr., Kelsey E. Burge. Pts Lt 1,2 Oak Grove Sub. $135,000

Home Opportunity LLC transferred to Chestnut Eq R6 LLC. Pt Trt 55 Ashland Improvement Co Div D.D. Geiger’s Farm. $1,035.59

Brent A. Stanley, Brent Allen Stanley, Mindy L. Stanley, Mindy Lynn Stanley transferred to Brent A. Stanley, Brent Allen Stanley, Mindy L. Stanley, Mindy Lynn Stanley. Lts North Lighland Add & Pt Lts 24 & 25 Watkins Add. FMV $68,000

Donald N. Hammonds, Bertha M. Hammonds, Bertha M. Hammonds AIF transferred to Herbert Moore Jr. Lts 4-6 Terrace Park Sub Ashland. $199,500

Ryan L. Abshear, Heather M. Abshear, Heather M. Hill, Ryan L. Abshear AIF transferred to Patriot Holdings LLC. Pt Lts 9, 10 Haney’s Add Normal. $60,000

Henry E. Ramey, Patricia Ramey transferred to Gertrude Tackett. Lts 6 & 6A Sec 2 Hearth-Stone AC Sub. $15,000

Gregory C. Jacobs, Shirley Roxana Jacobs transferred to George Shepherd, Allison Shepherd. Lt 22 Countryside. $40,000

Tina Young, Dwayne Young transferred to Young’s Rental Property LLC. Pt Lot H Haney Add. $20,500

Amanda Rae Bowen, Dennis James Allen Mays transferred to Jonathan Groves. Prcl Boyd Co. $8,500

Curtis Eugene Fannin, Alicia Fannin, Harold Ray Hall, Ladonna F. Hall, Ladonna F. Fannin, Ladonna F. Stratton transferred to Travis Bentley. 2.9AC +/- Prcl Bolts Fork Creek SE Side Ky St Rte 773. $150,000

Emma Virginia Jayne transferred to Johnny R. Brown, Janice D. Brown. Lts 1,2,32, & Pt Lts 6 & 7 Blk 3 Grayson Rd Sub. $168,500

Melissa Goodall transferred to James William Christian, Amanda Jo Christian. Lt A-11 Lakin View Heights Phase 1. $205,000

Johnny R. Brown, Janice D. Brown, Janice D. Salyers transferred to Michelle A. Hale, Robert D. Hale II. Lt 171 Pt Lts 172, 205, 206 Home Add (John P. Gartin Sub #3). $250,000

Richard Macqueen Moore Est, Kasie L. Kennedy Extrx, Kasie L. Kennedy Trst transferred to Jeffrey K. Sexton, Jessica D. Sexton. 3 Tracts Shopes Creek. $140,000

Roderick Gambill, Kathryn Gambill transferred to Jack Lovins, Glenna Lovins. 2 parcels Boyd County. $296,000

Jennifer T. Walls transferred to Anthony R. Wall. Lt 71& Pt Lt 72 Sub 4 Park Hill Realty Co Forest Hills Add. FMV $149,500

Anthony R. Wall transferred to Christopher R. Bowe. Lt 71& Pt Lt 72 Sub 4 Park Hill Realty Co Forest Hills Add. $149,500

Paul Michael Reed, Aletha Kay Reed transferred to Brenda Jill Reed, Brenda Jill Clark, Brenda Jill Johnson. Lt 14 Blk 6 Gartrell Realty Co Sub $0.00

Brenda Jill Reed, Brenda Jill Clark, Brenda Jill Johnson transferred to D B Homestead Properties LLC. $36,000

Alex Hackney transferred to Anna J. Alexander. Lts 176 & 177 Geiger Add. FCV $25,000

Helton Revocable Trust 2016, Leslie Donna May Co-Trst, Paula K. Qualls Co-Trst, James Robert Helton Co-Trst, Ronald Lee Helton Co-Trst transferred to Edwin Paul Helton. 60 AC +/- Boyd Co. $30,750

Michelle Hope Luckett, Michelle H. Luckett, Michelle Luckett, Michelle Hope Brookover, Michelle Brookover, Lendmarrk Financial Services Inc, City of Ashland, County of Boyd, Roger W. Hall MC, Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc transferred to MTGLQ Investors LP. Lt 40A Rediv of Lts 40 & 41 John P. Gartin Sub No 2. $46,667

Riggs Machine & Fabricating Inc, Riggs Machine And Fabricating Inc, Riggs & Son Machine Shop Inc, Riggs and Son Machine Shop Inc transferred to B&I Properties LLC, B&I Properties LLC,. B And I Properties LLC. Prcls Boyd Co. $800,000

Wallace Junior Ward, Edna L. Ward, Edna L. Rouse transferred to James E. Smith. 0.35AC Trt Edna L. Rouse Prop Harry’s Hill Rd. FMV $1,000

Brenda Jenkins Extr, Julia J. Bishop Est transferred toBrenda Jenkins. Mineral and Royalty Int Deed-William Barber #36 Lt 47 Bellefonte Furnace Lands. FCV $1,700

Christopher E. Abshire transferred to William Keith Carter, Sheila Gail Carter. Lt 21 Sec 1 Lockwood Est Sub. $20,000

David S. Ison, Geni Ison, Bertonya Sorrell, Robert Sorrell transferred to David Ison. Lt 1 Blk 4 Indian Hills Sub. FCV $100,000

Ison, Bertonya Sorrell, Robert Sorrell transferred to David Ison. Lt 2 Blk 4 Indian Hills Sub. FCV $14,500

Branch Banking And Trust Co transferred to Charles Bocook, Pamela Bocook. Pt Lt 1 Blk 12 Oakland Add. $10,000

Kathy McComas transferred to Katelyn Miller, Joshua Hemm. Lt 7 Blk 9 South Ashland Now Ashland. $116,500

Bellan Enterprises Inc transferred to William R. Tussey, Serena Beach. Prcl Walters St. $21,000

Claude C. Erwin, Claude Christopher Erwin, Claude C. Erwin extr, Claude Christopher Erwin Extr, Claude E. Erwin est, Claude Edward Erwin Est, Marcia Gail Boles, Timothy Mark Erwin, City of Ashland, Roger W. Hall MC transferred to Ronen LLC. Lts 45,46 & Pt Lt 47 Western Hills Sub. $30,100

Tracey M. Fraley, Roger W. Hall MVC transferred to Pennymac Loan Services LLC. Lt 111 Westwood Real Est & Dev Co Sub of Westwood. $38,700

Douglas Grace, Beverly Grace, Douglas Grace Extrx, Beverly Grace Extrx, James E. Ashley Es transferred to Daniel Cole Phillips, Hannaha Richards. Prcl 3.47AC Hall Ridge Rd. $139,900

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