ASHLAND Boyd County has additional open burning restrictions in place through Sept. 30.

Boyd County was previously classified as a “Non-Attainment” county in the past, but has additional open burning restrictions in place per a maintenance plan through the state EPA Division of Air Quality.

The only types of burning allowed in the county are as follows:

n Fires set for cooking of food for human consumption

n Fires set for prevention of a fire hazard, including disposal of dangerous materials if no safe alternative is available.

n Fires set for recognized agricultural, silvicultural, range, or wildlife management practice.

n Fires set for the purpose of disposing of accidental spill or leaks of crude oil, petroleum products or other organic materials and the disposal of absorbent material in their removal, if no other economically feasible means of disposal is available and practical.

Permission shall be obtained from the Cabinet and Boyd County Fiscal Court prior to burning.

n Fires set for recreational and ceremonial purposes.

n Open burning shall comply with the fire hazard season requirements of KRS 149.400

n No open burning will be allowed if the Governor of the State of Kentucky or the Boyd County Judge Executive has declared a “Fire Emergency.”

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