Kevin Johnston

Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney swears in newly elected Boyd County Clerk Kevin Johnston on Friday, Nov. 13. 

CATLETTSBURG The Boyd County Clerk announced $300,000 in cost-cutting measures within his first 40 days in office at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting.

Kevin Johnston told the fiscal court through fee pooling and the new software he’s introducing to the office, he’s been able to shave $300,000 off the budget. The present software runs the county about $65,000 per year, whereas the upgrade would only cost the county $24,000 per year.

Johnston touted the new software as user friendly and allowed for revenue sharing on fees collected from members of the public and attorneys who use them. Under the old system, 100% of the software fees went into the contractor’s pocket — the new system would allow for a 50/50 arrangement.

That would mean an additional $2,000 per month in revenue for the clerk’s office, according to Johnston.

In order to accommodate the new programming, the clerk’s office will need new computers — the current ones in use are 8-9 years old and the majority of them are on lease.

“We’ve paid for those two or three times over now,” Judge-Executive Eric Chaney remarked.  

The upfront cost on new software is a bit steep — about $29,000, according to Johnston. However, he said in the long haul, in-house IT maintenance would allow for it to pay for itself within a year.

“We can get this up and running, turn-key style within 30 days without any disruption in our ability to serve our customers,” Johnston said.

The end result would be 10 work stations for employees, six work stations for attorneys and members of the public, a PVA station, a microfilm station and three scanners, Johnston said.

The fiscal court voted unanimously to approve the clerk’s 2021 budget.

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