Paul G. Blazer High School JROTC cadets stand in formation as they are inspected. Rachel Adkins | The Daily Independent

ASHLAND Lt. Col. Matt Chapman is more than pleased with his JROTC cadets for the work they accomplished this school year.

The Paul G. Blazer High School JROTC Senior Instructor said the group participated in over 72 different events and had over 2,000 community service hours including working as road guards and wrapping presents.

“They did a very good job,” he said.

The 89 cadets also recently received an 88 percent on their JROTC Program of Accreditation inspection by the Army Cadet Command, giving them a distinguished title.

The group went through their final inspection on Thursday in the school gymnasium, which also doubled as an award ceremony for cadets who went above and beyond their duties throughout the year.

Chapman explained the inspection process saying cadets are asked questions about the program and have their uniforms examined as well.

“It teaches you attention to detail,” said Chapman.

Each year different inspectors come to assess the cadets and this time high school administrators Principal Derek Runyon and Assistant Principals Stephen Dowdy and Brad Greene took on the job.

Before the inspection began senior Steven Worthington said he was confident in himself and his fellow cadets.

Worthington has been in the JROTC program for two years and said he has thoroughly enjoyed his time, pointing out he was unsure if he would when first joining.

“Now I’ve worked myself up to leader of staff and I actually just enlisted [in the Army],” he said.

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