Gov. Andy Beshear visited four Eastern Kentucky communities and presented grants that support legislation to help miners and discussed key issues affecting Kentucky families, including education and health care.

Beshear announced nearly $3 million for community improvement projects in Morehead, Sandy Hook and Louisa. This was done in collaboration with the Department for Local Government and the Transportation Cabinet. He also visited Pikeville to tour the Pikeville Medical Center and discuss health care and other priorities of his administration.

“I believe our people and our communities come first,” said Beshear. “Helping our Kentucky families improve their wages, access and afford health care, receive a high-quality education and protect their retirement while setting a positive and helpful tone in Frankfort is critically important to my administration. Every day, we are working as one team — Team Kentucky — to ensure we are building a bigger, brighter future for all our communities.”

There are no ADA accessible playgrounds in Lawrence County or the surrounding areas. Beshear announced a $50,000 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant to Lawrence County Fiscal Court to add an accessible playground and splash park in Lawrence County Park.

“This splash park and playground will be a great asset to our community and a wonderful place for families looking for a warm-weather activity,” said Rep. Kathy Hinkle of Louisa. “I want to thank Gov. Beshear and our fiscal court for working together to make this possible, and I look forward to the day when all of this is built and ready for use.”

Beshear awarded Elliott County Fiscal Court with a $45,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund grant to make necessary improvements to Addison Field. The park has no public restrooms and the county has to rent portable facilities. The county will construct a building equipped with restrooms, a changing facility, concessions and equipment storage.

“Every community should have a fully equipped park for its citizens to enjoy,” said DLG Commissioner Dennis Keene. “I’m pleased visitors will have the facilities they need to host events and enjoy the park.”

There are safety concerns a the Clyde A. Thomas Regional Airport in Morehead, so Beshear presented two grants from the Kentucky Department of Aviation in conjunction with FAAfunding. The two grants, totaling $2.4 million, will be used for runway pavement reconstruction and to replace outdated runway and taxiway lighting systems.

Beshear and Commissioner Keene also announced a $250,000 RTP grant for improvements to the Triplett Valley Trail in Memorial Tree Walk Park, which is currently impassable for wheelchairs and strollers. The funding will allow the city to resurface the trail to make it ADA accessible and add a bridge, connecting the park to Morehead State University and local businesses.

Beshear has presented more than $6.6 million in grant funding to 11 communities across the Commonwealth since taking office

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