Gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear, right, and Rocky Adkins meet supporters at The Fuzzy Duck Monday, June 10 in Morehead. (Photo by Daneyl Tackett)

MOREHEAD Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear visited Morehead with his former primary opponent Rocky Adkins on Monday as Adkins fulfilled his promise to back Beshear in his campaign against Gov. Matt Bevin.

Beshear, the current attorney general and son of former governor Steve Beshear, said his campaign is centered around pension for teachers, health care for all and the state of higher education, among other issues.

“It’s going to be about creating good jobs where finally your wages go up faster than the gas and the groceries and the power bill,” said Beshear. “It’s going to be about a world class system of public education where your kids get that type of education that sets them up for the future that we’ve all dreamed of.”

Beshear said that while Matt Bevin has been in office, there has been an attack on higher education and that he has made it more difficult for counties and cities to provide basic services that all people need.

“He’s already on the air with negative ads, and you know why? Because he can’t win on his record,” said Beshear.

“I want this to be a campaign but also an administration, where you all feel like you’re a part of something special, where we believe that over four or maybe even eight years, that we can make a difference,” said Beshear.

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