ASHLAND A local business owner is adding another restaurant to south Ashland.

King’s Diner has become a community favorite for authentic Indian food. Taj Sardar and Goldie Singh will open B and T Deli.

City Commissioner Matt Perkins announced on Facebook that Sardar purchased the old Ken’s BP on 29th Street. Instead of expanding his current King’s Diner, he will be adding a deli and bakery to the property. He is hoping the new restaurant will be open by the end of the year.

“The main reason is (because) we want to help this community,” Sardar said. “This street has suffered a lot and we saw a lot of potential. I’ve been here almost 10 years, and I’ve learned a lot about this community.”

Sardar purchased the building with Goldie Singh. The two want to renovate the building, so they can provide a quality convenience store for Ashland.

B and T Deli will include American and Indian food.

Perkins said nothing makes him happier than seeing the cornerstone of south Ashland being renovated.

“(Taj) Sardar is a great small business owner, and as a city we are excited for his investment,” Perkins said.

Singh has a store similar to the one they are creating in Ashland in Versailles.

There will be something new on the menu every day of the week, they said. Singh said the restaurants will have their staple items, but aimed to provide a different special each day.

“We want to give better service and better food (to Ashland),” said Singh. “We don’t want them to go to far to get (the) gas or food they need.”

Overall, both of them think the hardest thing they will face will be the clean-up.

“I think the potential is there and that’s how we are looking at it. There are a lot of chain stores,” said Singh.

He said they didn’t plan on running the store like one in a chain.

“They will get first-hand service. A lot of time with chain stores you don’t know who the owners are. With us, you’ll know who we are,” said Sardar.

The two have been operating restaurants since 2010.

“There are a lot of people around here who know me,” said Sardar. “We try to keep it clean and presentable. That is our goal here, too: to keep it clean and to have good service.

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