Author Debbie Dadey gives a signed book to a Russell Primary School student. Submitted poto

RUSSELL Author Debbie Dadey paid a visit to Russell Primary School last week where she not only spoke about writing but being environmentally conscious as well.

Dadey has written and co-written 162 books, including 74 “Bailey School Kids” titles that she has co-written with Marcia Jones. Her visit on Wednesday was in conjunction with Authors for Earth Day, an international coalition of award-winning children's authors and illustrators who mentor young readers.

Dadey spoke with students about where she gets her ideas for books and her writing process, touching on the idea that with practice comes improvement in writing and reading.

Russell Primary School Librarian Julie Gullett said Dadey also instilled in the students to not give up on whatever dreams they may have.

“It was very motivational for them and inspiring to want to write,” she said.

Students who raised $50 or more in the school’s recent read-a-thon- fundraiser were also given the opportunity to attend a VIP session with Dadey where they could ask questions and acquire a signed copy of one of her books.

During the session the students were also able to choose between three non-profit conservation organizations to vote for in which Dadey will donate a portion of her speaking fee to. Dadey said the students chose the Humane Society of the United States and that she would be donating 1/10th of her fee.

Dadey has been involved with Authors for Earth Day for six years and said she enjoys having the opportunity to influence students to help the environment.

“Hopefully, you know, that one spark of trying to do better for the environment is spread around to a lot of different homes who try to make the environment a better place by reusing plastic bags or recycling, caring and being involved in different organizations that help the environment, “ she said.

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