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Pat Steen poses for a photo at The Daily Independent.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one in a series of stories profiling each of the nine Ashland city commission candidates

ASHLAND Current Ashland city commissioner Pat Steen is running for another term.

Steen, 67, is running for her second full term on the commission. She became a member of the city commission in 2018 when she took the spot of her late husband, Marshall Steen.

“Our biggest problem is our infrastructure,” Steen said. “It hadn’t been dealt with in so many years.”

Steen said this was a big problem for the city, and she would continue working on it if re-elected.

“I think it’s an exciting time,” said Steen. “There are a lot of changes in Ashland. There are lots of new businesses in town. We are seeing there is some growth going on in Ashland.”

Being a city commissioner is more complicated than people think, Steen said.

“There is a lot you have to know,” said Steen. “The first year I did a lot of research, so I could make the best decisions.”

Steen said in the meetings the commission goes through the agenda quickly, but everything has been researched and discussed in budget meetings beforehand.

One of the most difficult issues the city commission faces is finding a solution for the drug and homelessness problems, Steen said. She plans to work with the rest of the commission to find a solution and help those in the area.

“It’s a complex problem and it’s not an easy answer,” Steen said. “I think we need to develop a plan that will work and will help.

“I know the struggles for small business owners,” she added. “I can feel how they feel and know what their needs are.”

Steen is a small business owner. She owns Steen Funeral Home, but also has had several other small businesses over the years.

“I’m also a taxpayer, so I know what the taxpayer wants,” said Steen.

“I want to make sure everyone knows that if anyone contacts me, I will be accessible and get them answers to their problem,” said Steen.

The primary election for city commission is on May 19.

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