Thomas Hanshaw

CATLETTSBURG A Boyd County boxer became his own episode of “Cops” on June 27, after fleeing from police, resisting arrest and asking a deputy to take his badge off for 30 seconds so he could whip his butt, according to court records.

Thomas E. Hanshaw Jr., a professional boxer nicknamed “The Hillbilly” with 19 matches under his belt, had stolen three rolls of fencing wire, a kayak and several 4-by-4 beams behind the Rural King on U.S. 60, records show.

At 2:39 a.m. on June 27, a Boyd County Deputy spotted a 2002 Dodge Ram behind the store by the KYOVA Mall. Noticing the truck had cargo in its bed, the deputy suspected it may have been stolen from behind the store, according to an arrest citation.

The deputy hit the lights on his cruiser and the truck peeled off, striking several pot holes and blowing the red light from the KYOVA Mall and made a left turn toward Ashland, arrest records show.

Hanshaw locked the brakes on the shoulder of U.S. 60, hopped out of his truck and started walking toward the deputy, records show.

The deputy ordered Hanshaw to the ground. Instead, Hanshaw took a several steps back and reached behind his back for what the deputy believed to be a weapon, the citation states.

Court records show the deputy pulled his pistol and pointed it at Hanshaw.

Hanshaw removed his hand from his back pocket, revealing a cell phone with a cracked screen, deputies said. Eventually, the suspect got on the ground.

But it wasn’t over yet, court records show.

When deputies tried to put the cuffs on Hanshaw, he pulled his hand away, then stood back up on his right knee, court records show. The arresting deputy had to put him in an arm bar to take him back to the ground, the citation states.

Another deputy jumped in and the pair got him in the cuffs, stood him to his feet and put him against the truck to check for weapons, the citation states.

It’s at that point deputies noticed Hanshaw was sweating and had constricted pupils, common symptoms of being high on opiates, records show.

Deputies tried to get Hanshaw inside the patrol car, but he resisted that, leading law enforcement to knee him multiple times to get him to comply, the citation notes.

Deputies then discovered the allegedly stolen goods in the bed of the truck.

Upon being read his Miranda warning, Hanshaw became verbally abusive, telling the officer he would lose his job because he knew everyone in the county, deputies said.

“(Hanshaw) asked me to take my badge off for 30 seconds so he could ‘whip your a**,’” the deputy wrote in the arrest citation.

Hanshaw, who is now free on bond, was charged with first-offense DUI, first-degree fleeing, resisting arrest, theft less than $500 in value, menacing, third-degree terroristic threats and three traffic violations.

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