Father of the Year

 Keith Frazier, left, Isaac Smith and Isaac’s dad, Brian, are pictured during an Ashland Breakfast Kiwanis Club ceremony this week in which Brian Smith was named the Breakfast Kiwanis’ Father of the Year. Photo by Glenn Puit.

Local resident Brian Smith has been named Father of the Year By the Ashland Breakfast Kiwanis Club.

The heartfelt award was made possible after his son, Isaac Smith — a student at Holy Family Middle School — wrote a touching tribute to his dad.

“My dad is an amazing person,” Isaac wrote. “He cares for me, he’ll help me out, he will always make you feel like you are home. He is smart and funny. He’s a great friend and a great father.”

“My father is very supportive no matter how good or bad I do,” Isaac wrote. “Even when I fail, he will be there with open arms and forgive,” adding “he is very loving, and I think he can handle anything that comes his way.”

Kiwanis contest organizer Keith Frazier said Brian Smith won the award after the Breakfast Kiwanis Club received essays from students from Boyd County Middle School, Fairview Middle School, Ashland Middle School, Holy Family and Rose Hill Christian. Highlights from other students’ letters included:

— “He deserves to be Father of the Year because he is my superhero.”

— “He works every waking moment to provide for me and my family.”

— “He is a great role model. A very important person in my life.”

— “He is strong, funny and kind.”

— “Dad, I will always appreciate you.”