The American Legion Post 76 is readying to re-open their post in Ashland.

The legion plans to eventually open the post at 405 20th St. and they are inviting members - -current and potential -- to a meeting Sunday at 2 p.m. at the address on 20th Street.

“This is all for the veterans,” said Richard Kouns, First Vice Commander. “We are doing all of this for the veterans. We are very proud of this post and what it represents.”

The re-opening follows the conclusion of a four-year-long legal battle lawsuit that kept members from meeting on the grounds.

A prior report from The Daily Independent indicates the legion was closed when the Clarence Fields American Legion Post 76 building corporation evicted the members at Post 76. A subsequent legal dispute has since ended with the Post 76 leaders saying they’ve won the right to use the old post.

 The Legion is excited to reopen the post and plan to have people in the office five days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. once they are reopened.

A press release from Post 76 said, “Four years ago, the building corporation locked the doors to the legion, locking out our veterans, sons of veterans and the people with clubroom memberships plus the veterans’ office where their files were kept. The executive committee could not get into the their office to assist the veterans who needed help.”

The post is planning on getting involved in the community in any way they can once they are able to get the post back up to standards.

Post 76 has lost many members since the doors closed four years ago. Post Commmander Greg Shelton said they lost a lot of members to other posts and some had just let their memberships expire, but he knows they will get a lot of their older members back.

“Our first obligation is toward the veterans,” said Shelton. “But like I told them (city Board of Commissioners), if there is something going on in the city we want to be a part of it.”

Shelton said he has been told by several of the former members that when they got the legion back they would be back even if they had become a member at another post.

Post 76 is currently working on getting their clubhouse ready for veterans and club members. They plan on making upgrades that will “make it better than ever” and give veterans a place to relax.

Non-veterans can get a membership for the clubhouse at the post. The rate for 2019 will be discounted, but will be back to normal price starting in January of next year. Memberships will be $50.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to help the American Legion get their post cleaned up they can contact Shelton at (606) 585 -2641 or they can call the office at (606) 420-4052.