ASHLAND The Ashland Beverage Centre has opened a fourth location in a spot that was a dry area of Ashland until about a year ago.

If you’re looking for a substantial selection of beer, wine and liquor along with a friendly, knowledgable staff, owner Paul Daniels hopes it will quench your thirst.

The new store opened its doors in December and sits across from the Toyota dealership and next to the Bare Arms gun shop.

Daniels wants his customers to be greeted with an engaging environment and a smile when they walk through the door at all four locations.

“It’s a big thing for us,” Daniels said. “We pride ourselves on customer service. People can buy booze anywhere. We have to give them a reason to buy our booze. Our stores are attractive, well-stocked and reasonably priced. We want to make our customers feel special because they are.”

Daniels said they’ve seen a steady increase in traffic every week. He is excited about the new space and the chance to create new customers in that area.

“That part of Ashland just became wet a year ago,” Daniels said. “We chose it because we thought there was an opportunity on that end of town. There aren’t any stores of this type there.

“Everything we hear about the store is positive,” he added. “With the Toyota dealership going in there, we felt like that would be a draw and would pull people to that part of town and we hope that we will see a resurgence there.”

General manager Douglas Herron agrees.

“It’s going pretty good now,” Herron said. “The community is starting to come in now that they know we are there.”

Herron has seen plenty of positive feedback from customers in the store’s first month of existence. It’s at 3508 Winchester Ave.

“I get messages all the time saying how beautiful the store is and what a polite staff we have,” Herron said. “They talk about how convenient it is because they don’t have to go to Kenova now. It’s convenient for everybody.”

Dalton Woodrum is an employee at the new store and believes customers will enjoy the wide variety neatly displayed, the convenient drive-thru and a bevy of tasty wine selections.

He said if you can’t find what you want, they will get it for you.

“They like the fact that we can get them pretty much whatever they want,” Woodrum said. “They are very receptive to it. It’s all about convenience, especially heading towards Catlettsburg. ... We do it all the time. We actually got a bottle of Leadslinger Thin Blue Line whiskey for a very good customer recently.”

Woodrum said one of the attributes of the Ashland Beverage Centre is they specialize in items other places don’t have. He said Herron has been in the industry many years and has a knack for finding special requests.

 “Every store has different tastes and at the new store we are still trying to find our clientele,” Woodrum said. “That’s why we are ordering more things at people’s request. We are learning from them. They tell us what they like and we are more than happy to get it for them.”

A popular option to try is a growler. For $5.99, a customer can purchase a half-gallon glass jug and fill it with one of the many craft beers they have on tap. You can bring the jug back and just pay to refill it with your beer choice. Woodrum said they change often so you can sample a new brew when you visit.

The new store is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9-12 a.m. Friday and Saturday and from 1-9 p.m. on Sunday.

The three other store locations are in Grayson, Russell and at 744 Winchester Ave. in Ashland.

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