Shoes, scissors, tongs and tweezers. Jeans, glasses, socks and trousers.

If pickled peppers (and the above items) can come in pairs, why can’t papers?

Try this weekend edition on for size. We’ve got a two-in-one installment of your favorite (we hope) publication produced by “the press.” It’s in your hands right now, or at least at your fingertips.

It’s Saturday and Sunday in one tidy package.

One of my favorite fictional sports movie characters is Phil Brickma, the pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs in “Rookie of the Year.”

For arm pain, he discovered the best treatment. Although some preferred ice and others gravitated to heat, he came up with the perfect solution.

“You heat up the ice cubes. It’s the best of both worlds!”

When one heats up ice cubes, the obvious result is water. And everybody needs water to live.

We hope you need The Daily Independent to live, too — not literally, but we do hope you want to keep it as part of your routine. If that routine consists only of a print product, and if you like to go out to your mailbox to retrieve it every morning, here’s an idea: Grab a portion of the weekend edition on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. At the very least, save some of the newspaper for Sunday — maybe you’ll decide you prefer conserving the second opinion page, or the second set of comics or the second crossword puzzle for Sunday.

We don’t want you to feel like we’re taking anything away from you because we appreciate each and every one of our cherished subscribers and/or readers.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel on a weekend and grabbed a USA Today? USA Today produces its weekend edition on Friday, actually, giving readers material for three days until it prints again on Monday.

We intend to make this weekend edition as special as we possibly can. We can guarantee the content you consume in The Daily Independent is unique — it’s a newspaper that truly keeps its community first and at heart. We aim to be fair and fresh, and we strive to be distinctive and compelling. 

We sincerely hope you’re drawn to The Daily Independent’s stories, photos, videos and other content every day — either at or the tangible print product. 

I encourage you to check out our “The Daily Independent” Facebook page. There, you’ll see some of what the newspaper and website offer, and more. It’s a good way for you to interact with us, and vice versa.

Every one of us employees take pride in the fact that this newspaper has stood the test of time — 125 years — and we don’t envision our paper fading. That’s largely because we know we serve a special community who depends on us — but more than that we depend on you.

Reach AARON SNYDER at or (606) 326-2664. Follow @DIndependentQB or @ashlandkydaily on Twitter.

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