Marshall is pictured.

ASHLAND Ashland Animal Rescue Fund is looking for a runaway dog.

Marshall, a 4- to 5-year-old shepherd-collie mix weighing about 45 pounds, was adopted on July 15; later that day, he slipped his collar and ran, Executive Director Cathy Queen said.

“When a dog goes to a new environment, they get very nervous,” Queen said. “This is not the fault of the owner, and Marshall loved them, but sometimes you don’t know (a dog’s reaction) until they’re put into a new setting how they’re going to react.”

She said the volunteers at AARF were “his people” since January and had worked with him to develop trust.

“It takes a long time to build trust with the new owner,” she said. “You don’t know what their trigger points are when they come from a shelter or a rescue. You don’t know what’s going to upset them — thunder, fireworks, sirens, those kinds of things.”

Marshall entered the shelter with 15 other dogs from a home in the area; the owner had to relinquish all his pets. Many of those dogs have been adopted and many of them were shy because of the lack of socialization.

Marshall was last seen traveling on Route 5 near the former Austin Hills Golf Course.

“Marshall has made tremendous progress, but he’s still very shy,” Queen said. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and he’s very loving once he can trust you.”

Volunteers at AARF have spent a great deal of time looking for Marshall.

“We’ve shared on social media, and we’ve had sightings of him and we followed up,” Queen said. “His instincts may have kicked in. He’s in a new situation and he’s scared. We’re worried about him being out in the head and not having a water or food source.”

She said on some searches, volunteers took dogs Marshall came into the shelter with, hoping to lure him by smell or sound.

“This is a prime example of the need for fostering,” Queen said, noting more foster homes are needed. “Fostering can make a big difference in getting a dog into a permanent home. This maybe could have been avoided had he been fostered.”

Anyone who sees Marshall is asked to call Queen or AARF founder Dave Gillum at the numbers above.

Queen said it’s crucial to avoid chasing Marshall, as it will make him run away.

“He’s not vicious,” she said. “He’s a very loving dog who is running scared.”

She said it would be nice if anyone who sees him could offer him food and water, perhaps even use that to lure him into a contained area, and call for them to come and get him, but he’s very skittish and sudden moves could cause him to run.

“We need to be the ones to get him because he trusts us,” she said.

(606) 326-2661 |

Ashland Animal Rescue Fund is seeking a lost dog. Marshall, a 4- to 5-year-old shepherd-collie mix, has last seen on Rt. 5. Anyone who sees him should call Cathy Queen at (606) 922-5157 or Dave Gillum at (606) 694-6470.

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