Testing for presence of coronavirus. Tube containing a swab testing for COVID-19.

The Ashland-Boyd County Health Department announced a dozen more cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday. 

An 82-year-old male is hospitalized. The other 11 new patients are in home isolation. Seven females, ranging from ages 19 to 62, and four males, ages 1 to 59, have tested positive. There have been 4,523 total cases in Boyd County, including 2,851 recoveries and 61 COVID-positive deaths.

The health department listed 12 new cases on Monday after reported 28 over the course of three days (Feb. 19-21).

The Greenup County Health Department reported eight new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, pushing the count to 3,356 in the county.

Six males, ages 6 to 62, and two females, ages 20 and 54, tested positive. 

There have been 2,959 recoveries and 28 COVID-positive deaths.

The Carter County Health Department announced seven additional cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday. The tally is 1,954 — 1,857 have recovered and 26 Carter Countians have died after having tested positive.

The Lawrence County (Ky.) Health Department listed 14 new cases on its Tuesday report. There have been 1,226 total cases in Lawrence County, including 1,151 recoveries and 21 COVID-positive deaths.

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