Jellico food drive pits Kentucky vs. Tennessee

On Saturday morning, Veterans Park will host a friendly competition between Jellico Mayor Dwight Osborn and Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison, seeing who can raise the most donations for the Seeds of Hope food pantry. | File Photo 

JELLICO — This time of year there are hundreds of ways to give to local organizations for the holidays but nothing makes it more fun than a little friendly competition. And that’s just what neighboring Jellico, Tennessee, Mayor Dwight Osborn has challenged Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison to this weekend.

Osborn said every year there’s a food drive for the local Seeds of Hope food pantry, but this is the first year for the mayor's challenge.

With the Kentucky versus Tennessee football game scheduled for Saturday night, it was fitting for a border bowl challenge between two cities who border on the state line. Two trucks will be set up in Veterans Park in downtown Jellico, one decorated for University of Kentucky fans and one decorated for University of Tennessee fans.

A local radio station in Jellico is sponsoring the border bowl and will broadcast live from Veterans Park Saturday morning starting around 8 a.m. Osborn said this is to help encourage people to donate to their favorite team during that time.

Mayor Harrison is encouraging his Kentucky friends to fill up the Kentucky truck with canned food and non-perishable items while Mayor Osborn is encouraging the Tennessee fans to fill up the Tennessee truck.

Harrison is expected to be in Veterans Park around 9 a.m. and Osborn will be there as well.

“Roddy is great, he’ll help with anything,” said Osborn. “I’ve known Roddy for some time and when this came up, I just thought of him and thought he’d be willing to help.”

Seeds of Hope is a non-profit 501-c3 corporation formed for the purpose of facilitating meeting the needs of the less fortunate in community. The food pantry is located in Jellico.

“It’s an awesome feeling to be able to help out with this and do what we can,” added Osborn. “They do a lot of good work, both sides of the state line, it doesn’t matter where they come from.”

Harrison said the Seeds of Hope food pantry is a great thing in Jellico and he was happy to partner in something that was benefiting them.

“I thought it was the perfect idea and the perfect opportunity to partner with Jellico,” said Harrison who added that Jellico should be Williamsburg’s partner in a lot of things since they are neighbors.

If you can’t make it to Veterans Park, you can listen to the event on WJJT FM 105.9/WJJT AM 1540. The show goes on the air from 8-11 a.m.

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