Dear Readers:

Our commitment to providing Olive Hill with critical information during the coronavirus crisis has been widely appreciated as a vital public service — and for that we are thankful.

However, this crisis has had a significant impact on The Olive Hill Times. Most of our revenue comes from advertisements from local businesses, which are also suffering at this difficult time.

As a result, we must restructure so we can continue to serve you with relevant news and information.

Effective April 29, The Olive Hill Times will merge with our sister newspaper, The Daily Independent in Ashland. The Daily Independent will continue covering Carter County.

Current The Olive Hill Times readers will receive samples of the Wednesday edition of

The Daily Independent and a special offer to subscribe. They will also be able to sample local, regional and state news

about the COVID-19 pandemic and other news and sports on The Daily Independent’s website,

We hope this expanded information experience will result in your subscribing to the merged newspaper and its robust website.

The Olive Hill Times readers can choose to receive a refund for the remainder of their subscription in lieu of receiving The Daily Independent by emailing Circulation Director Lisa Callihan at lcallihan@dailyindependent. com. These are stressful times for you, and for us. We thank our Olive Hill Times subscribers and advertisers for their support over the years, and ask that you continue to embrace our journalism in The Daily Independent.

If you have questions about our restructuring plan, please contact me at, or call 606-326-2601.

This is a remarkable county with people who truly care about it. We pray everyone is well and safe.

Patty Bennett

Group Publisher

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