Duane Suttles

Duane Suttles

GRAYSON A Grayson city councilmen has stepped down to take on a position with the city.

Duane Suttles has served on the city council since 2005 and is now working with code enforcement. His new position required him to give up his spot on the council. There will be a special city council meeting this Thursday to find someone to take his seat.

“I couldn’t do both because they were a conflict,” said Suttles. “You can be a part of the legislative side and be on the executive side.”

There is a special meeting this Thursday at 6 p.m. for the council to meet those who have expressed an interest in finishing out Suttles’ term. Those who wanted to take his seat were required to fill out a letter of intent and send in a resume.

The meeting will be shown live on the Grayson City Facebook page. Only the mayor, council, press and essential city staff will be present.

“He is working hard at it and doing a good job,” said Mayor George Steele. “Duane is highly qualified for any job the city might have.”

Suttles said he was looking for a change of pace when he decided to apply for the position with code enforcement. 

“I felt like I would be able to serve the community better in (this) position as opposed to the legislative body because they are limited in what they could do,” said Suttles.

In his former position, he helped make laws for the city and now he will be enforcing them.

“I will say it was a bittersweet decision,” Suttles said. “I struggled with it and I looked for a lot of guidance in my faith to give me the right decision. I felt like this was the decision I had to make.”

Suttles said he believed working in code enforcement was the best decision for him at this time.

“I’m so grateful the people of Grayson have re-elected me every two years,” Suttles said.

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