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Grayson Mayor George Steele donned a face mask while speaking to city council members in a special meeting last Monday that was broadcast to the public via Facebook Live.

GRAYSON Grayson City Council members and mayor George Steele maintained social distancing – by spreading tables apart and sitting at opposite ends – and wore face masks during a special meeting of council last Monday that was broadcast on Facebook Live.

The city canceled their regular meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, but called the special meeting for the following week, April 21, in order to approve a loan for improvements to CW Stevens Boulevard. Those funds will be reimbursed by the state, but only after the city covers a portion of the initial cost. The improvements will include the addition of a third lane from the stoplight on Carol Malone Boulevard all the way back to the Smithfield building. While there is currently a dedicated left turn lane on CW Stevens Boulevard, it isn't sufficient to handle the amount of traffic along the road, particularly at the time of shift changes from Smithfield, when traffic attempting to turn left often blocks the right hand lane, holding up those wanting to turn right or go straight, and preventing cars from exiting or entering other businesses along the road.

Council voted unanimously to approve a $100,000 line of credit from the Commercial Bank of Grayson. Former Governor Matt Bevin granted the city's discretionary funding request for the project in October of last year, considering the $127,399 already spent by the city on the project as their share of matching funds.

Mayor George Steele also announced an executive order that requires all department spending to pass through the office of the mayor for approval until further notice.

Council also moved to adopt a municipal order allowing city employees to take time off under the Family Medical Leave Act if necessary to deal with the illness of a family member due to COVID-19 infections and related or other issues while the virus pandemic is stressing medical professionals and resources.

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