bike relay draft

The fourth annual Kentucky Rails to Trails Council bicycle relay ride from Ashland to Lexington will be May 31.

Part of the National Trail Day Event, the ride aims to promote the development of multi-use trails throughout the state and specifically the creation of a continuous railtrail over the abandoned 106 mile CSX railroad corridor between Lexington and Ashland. A railtrail is a multi-use trail developed on an abandoned trail corridor for non-motorized transportation, such as walkers, runners, hikers, horseback riders and cyclists.

The Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts (ACE) will have ites monthly meeting at Armco Park near Princesses the night prior to the race and have invited the riders and support personnel to a cookout that evening.

Starting at 7 a.m. at Princess, the relay will follow county roads close to the corridor and in a few places be on the corridor or adjacent to it. The ride ends at 1350 Pleasant Ridge Drive in Fayette County. The distance of the cycling relay is 133 miles and can be completed with a road bike. The estimated arrival and leave times for each stage are based on an average pace of 15 mph. The last rider is expected to arrive in Lexington at 7 p.m.

Riders and other participants can order the new KRTC T-shirt when they fill out their waiver. The first 30 riders to sign up and ride will receive a wooden commemorative spike.

Plans are being made to give a gift certificate to the most valuable rider to the relay, the best “team” rider, the rider with the most outstanding personal best.

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