While working at Hot Summer Nights theater in Cincinnati one summer, Ironton native Mickey Fisher joined a softball team made up of actors and production staff.

“We were the worst team in Cincinnati and lost every game,” Fisher recalled. The team name, playing off the name of the theater, was Hot Summer Nuts. “We didn’t even live up to the name.”

The experience, however, paid off in another way.

Fisher’s movie “Summer Nuts” will be shown Saturday at Midtown Cinema 3 in Ashland. Fisher wrote, directed and co-produced the comedy, which is about a group of actors in a small town who form what turns out to be the worst softball team ever.

Appearing in the movie are about four actors who were on the real-life team; Fisher plays the role of Teddy Red, who Fisher describes as a character everyone loves to hate.

“He’s an obnoxious jerk you can’t help but like,” he said. “He always has some terirble catch phrase or is always in your face about something, but you can’t help but like him.”

The process of shooting the movie was apparently an easy-going one; Fisher said he let the actors ad lib quite a bit and the final product is about half improvisation.

“It was a real fun way to work,” he said.

Certainly the experience in Cincinnati inspired the movie, but Fisher’s love of the game had something to do with it, too.

“I don’t watch baseball on TV,” he said. “but I play for a league here at home and I’ve always enjoyed going to games and playing games and going to a batting cage.

Fisher’s last movie, “The King of Iron Town,” premiered in Ironton in 2004 and won third place Best Feature at The Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington that year.

“The King of IronTown” is available online through Amazon.com, Blockbusteronline and Netflix and in Ironton at KC Joe’s Pennzoil on Park Avenue. Copies also may be ordered at leosprideent@yahoo.com and is expected to be available in video stores nationwide.

“Summer Nuts” was made in Warsaw, Ind., which was a convenient location considering many of the actors live in Chicago and the production work was done in Indiana.

Although Fisher said he has a lot of writing completed, he isn’t sure what his next project will be, but he said he hopes to make the movie in the Tri-State.

“A big part of it is, for me, to shoot part of it here,” he said.

The movie has not been rated, but Fisher said it would probably be rated PG-13 for adult situations and language.

A sneak screening of the movie “Summer Nuts” by Ironton filmmaker Mickey Fisher will be at 8 p.m. Saturday at Midtown Cinema 3 in Ashland. Admission is free but donations will be accepted to defray costs. More information is available at summernutsmovie.com.

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