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May 30, 2014

RONNIE ELLIS: Don’t be confused by ‘facts’



When WHAS-TV reporter Joe Arnold pressed McConnell on whether he’d dismantle Kynect and deny 420,000 Kentuckians coverage, McConnell three times responded without actually answering the question. He even managed to criticize Grimes for not answering questions about the law while he declined to answer Arnold’s questions about the law. When Arnold tried a third time, McConnell surprised reporters by saying Kynect isn’t connected to repeal of the ACA.

Later his campaign released a statement “clarifying” that if the ACA is repealed, Kentucky can choose to operate Kynect on its own.

But without the ACA, Kentucky can’t enroll those at 130 percent of the poverty line in Medicaid with the federal government paying 90 percent of the cost, cutting off more than 350,000 of the 420,000. Without the ACA, private insurers won’t offer the same rates to those with pre-existing conditions and many others can’t afford premiums without the federal subsidies. Without the ACA, private insurers won’t have to spend a minimum of 80 percent of premiums on actual benefits.

Grimes and other Democrats like to say they don’t support “Obamacare,” they support “Beshearcare.” They know when the public is polled it gives widely different responses depending on whether the question is about “Obamacare” or “Kynect.” Obamacare and the ACA draw unfavorable majorities in Kentucky while Kynect is viewed positively by a plurality.

But, regardless of what you call it, it’s the same law.

Whether you like the law or dislike it, don’t buy the snake oil the candidates are selling. For good or ill, the Affordable Care Act is Obamacare, which is Kynect.

RONNIE ELLIS writes for CNHI News Service and is based in Frankfort. Reach him at rellis@cnhi.com. Follow CNHI News Service stories on Twitter at www.twitter.com/cnhifrankfort.



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