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December 2, 2012

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ASHLAND — Boyd science nights praised

Thursday evening (Nov. 29) I had the pleasure of visiting Cannonsburg School which was hosting a Science Family Fun Night. This project, by first year teacher Pennie Thomas and her mentor, Megan Thomas, was designed to give students the opportunity to share with their families concepts they are learning in class. Topics involved sound, chemistry, light and heat.

 This type of activity offers encouragement in an area where many students struggle. Earlier in the fall a similar Science Night was hosted at Boyd County Middle School.  

It is efforts such as this of which the Boyd County Schools should be proud. 

Dr. Barbara Walters, Director, ACTC/FIVCO, Science & Engineering Fair

Get dog houses ready for winter

Winter with its bitter wind, rain and snow is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to check our dog house, patching and repairing all cracks and leaks. It is also time for new, clean bedding, and straw is best.

This bedding will need to be replaced often putting a board along the bottom of the door opening will help keep the bedding inside the house. Also, turning the door away from the wind helps protect your dog from the cold.

For those who still have not built or purchased that dog house, there are some important things to remember. The house should be only large enough for the dog to walk in, turn around and lay down. If the house is that size, the dog’s body heat can warm the interior somewhat. When a dog house is larger than needed, your companion will suffer greatly from the cold weather this winter.

More ideas to help your dog: the door needs to be off-set to one side, giving the dog a wall to lie behind; an over-lapping roof and small porch can also give your dog additional protection.

Cats also need a house, something they can get into not just a box with a blanket in the garage or barn.

Even though the weather is harsh, take time each day to talk and play with your cats and dogs, they love you, you are their whole world.

Once again I plead with you, please have your dogs and cats spayed and neutered. When you do, you are eliminating the possibility of a number of different kinds of cancer and you are also taking a giant step towards ending animal suffering caused by over-population.

Lucia Beeler, Cecilia

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