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February 12, 2013

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ASHLAND — Votes can change our government

We live in a constitutional republic that operates democratically.  Our elections are democratic. That means the majority (or plurality in the case of multiple candidates) rules. We elect representatives to serve us by a majority vote in free elections.  

We don’t need to stage a coup, or have a revolution to change government. All we need to do is vote. If you want to change your representative and can persuade a majority of citizens to agree with you, you can vote them out. In the U.S, all elected officials serve a set term after which an election is held.

If you cannot persuade a majority to go along with you, then the majority is with someone else and you will have to wait. Whether you are in the majority or minority, you retain all the built-in rights the constitution and bill of rights contain. 

Some folks say that they need assault weapons to keep the government in line and to overthrow it if they think it has become too oppressive, etc. A good question then is, when they overthrow our system, what kind of a system do they want to replace it with? A monarchy, Communism, religious dictatorship?  Maybe they just want to “fix” the system we have. But why overthrow the system we have only to replace it with the exact same thing.  Just vote the scoundrels out. This is the system the founders gave us to use, protect, and preserve.

If someone has problems going along with the rule of the majority, then maybe this system isn’t for him.  We know that big money has corrupted the governing and election processes to various degrees from year to year. But I don’t believe, they are beyond peaceful remedy. As long as the constitution is respected, they will never be.

Charles M. Whitt, South Shore

Fairview tax has no hidden agenda

The prosposed utility tax in the Fairview Inependent School District is not a 21 percent tax; it’s  only 3 percent of your total utilities.

It is not $30 per month cost. Everyone’s will be different. Most single resident households will be between $5 to $7 a month. My family of three will be paying $9 a month. Figure you own.

You may already be paying this to another district.

Property tax rate increased the last three years. Yes, it is throwing good money after bad to patch and repair dilapidated structures. The levy would not only stop the increases, but permit lowering the property tax rate.

Will the board promise that levy income be used only for rehab/reconstruction of the school? No, that would prevent using excess levy money to lower the property tax rate.

Is the levy intended for sports programs? No, the school’s buildings/structures are the need for these funds.

If Fairview consolidates with Boyd County, because Boyd County already has the 3 percent levy, Westwood residents would pay the 3 percent levy.

Your home’s resale value would drastically decrease if there were no school in your community. According to the National Association of Realtors, proximity to quality schools is one of the most influential buyer’s decisions.

Is there a hidden agenda? The only agenda is to do what is best for the children, the school, the community, and all of Westwood.

This levy will help ensure the longevity of Fairview Schools. It will help provide safe, modern, efficient learning facilities for the children. It will help keep the resale value of your property at a premium. The utility levy will not only stop the yearly property tax rate increase needed for repairs, but would help lower the property tax rates.

Vote “no” Tuesday, Feb. 19, on the recall, for the benefit of the children, the schools, the community, and your neighbors.

Rick Tackett, Westwood

Don’t change name of schools

Why would anyone donate money to a church or high school? A personal glorification or a real interest in the community.

Let them call the high school Tomcats, but still keep in mind Blazer High School is the real name. Why don’t they change the name of the gym?

Is there any sentiment in this town? This will certainly affect future donations by deleting Blazer. So much for the grateful citizens of Ashland.

Dee Lake, Ashland

She won’t accept theory as fact

The facts were in, the debate settled. Outside the town of 10,000 people flew in a mustering of 500 storks; exactly nine months later the humans had a population boom of 500 babies. Yep, proof that storks bring babies.

The caution of this old saw from my undergrad statistics class remains today; 2 points on a graph do not a causal effect make. It’s surely no coincidence that the renewed push for anthropogenic global warming regulations and taxes is occurring now that its so-called science is crumbling. Amid scandals of thermometer test sites, polar bear myths, dismantling the fallacious 97 percent scientists figure, double books by the NCDC, admission by the IPCC A5 that the sun has an unexpectedly large effect on climate, and much more, the need for critical thinking has never been greater .

Compare the tiresome lack of tolerance by AGW alarmists to real scientist Albert Einstein, who encouraged others to read his works, question his data and critique his theories. The name-calling and hysteria that demand international criminal trials of fossil fuel companies and prison for skeptics preclude rational discussion. Is that the intent? Some compare me to flat earth deniers because I’m too stupid to accept theory as fact, such as gravity theory, but the halls of science labs are cluttered with discarded scientific theories, some of which were accepted for a time.

The appalling inaccuracy of climate change predictions would shame a palm reader at the county fair. Most AGW data is not peer-reviewed  and is inconsistent, extrapolated or based on failed computer models. One could honestly say that AGW is based on Tim Gunn — find a new model and make it work. It never does but there's money to be made saying it will.

Lois Jackson, Ashland

Pope Benedict is defender of life

I am deeply saddened that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning. The Holy Father was an inspiration and a model witness to the life of Christ; a shepherd of truth constantly guarding his flock so that Christ might find faith on earth when He returns. Immersed in profound humility and immense love for both God and man, he has always been a source of strength, encouragement, confidence, optimism and enlightenment not only to Catholics but to all men of good will.

A champion of the poor and ardent exponent of Christian unity, the German Pontiff was, in many and such capacities as teaching, governing and sanctifying, both a beacon of light and salt of the earth. He has never ceased to offer fresh hope for defeating the forces of tyranny, cynicism and moral relativism hovering like a dark cloud on the horizon.

Successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ, he was the world’s most influential and uncompromising defender of the dignity of human life. His tenacious pleas for the development of a “culture of life” and parallel denunciations of the “culture of death” have been instrumental in rallying opposition to the immorality of war, terrorism, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, contraception, homosexuality and embryonic-tissue research.

May the Lord of all graces and giver of every gift bless Pope Benedict XVI.

Paul Kokoski, Hamilton, Ontario

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