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November 14, 2012

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ASHLAND — Star one of top schools in state

Congratulations Star Elementary teachers, students and staff on being a school of “distinction.”

Star was one of two elementary schools in our area to be recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education that achieved this recognition.

This ranks Star in the top 5 percent of elementary schools in the state of Kentucky and the best ranking of any school in the Carter County School District.

Great job to all concerned!

Bud and Carolyn Wooten, Ashland

Teach religion in public schools

Americans are proud of their founding fathers, as well they should be. The Constitution they created has served us well for more than 200 years. They were good men, mostly Deists. Deists believe in God but are not necessarily Christian.

The Constitution they created separated church and state. Doing so was to prevent the state from enacting or imposing a single religion upon its citizens. Such an imposition would limit freedom, especially the the freedom of worship.

Today America has a veritable polyglot of religious beliefs. Our coins say “In God We Trust” but which god, the Jewish God, Yahweh, the Muslim God, Allah or the Christian God? We freely allow these three, and no doubt there are more.

I think the time has come to eliminate the separation of church and state.

Make an amendment to the Constitution, include religion within the Department of Education. Introduce religion into the school system as we include art, music or physical training.

All public schools will be required to teach the basic tenets of three or four prevalent religions. No private religious schools will be allowed. Starting in first grade, religion will be introduced and continued through the sixth or seventh grade. Thus, all of future citizens will be acquainted with those beliefs held by peoples of the world today.

Each denomination may submit its curricula to be combined into a student text. Emphasis may be placed on the religion of the majority. Christianity, for instance, might be the first chapter in the book. Atheism might be added in the future.

Religion will not be taught as “truth,” such as algebra or chemistry, but as spiritual beliefs various people of the world have chosen to adopt. Children will not be required to make a choice, only to become acquainted with these various beliefs.

D. Charles Williams, Ashland