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August 12, 2013

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ASHLAND — Teachers face many challenges

There is a new evaluation system being implemented for teachers in Kentucky. Since I worked in the Ashland School System for many years, I believet I can give the Kentucky Department of Education “my evaluation” of the professionals whoat I have worked with. This involves educators from Crabbe School as well as correspondence with other local school personnel.

It is very difficult to keep classroom students engaged because each boy and girl is required to be there.  There are also many challenging situations that arise in a classroom setting because of various student interests and ability  levels.  The teachers I have worked with and observed have met this challenge in a “very satisfactory manner.”

  I can most assuredly give out “positive evaluations” for the money these educators spend out of their own pockets for classroom materials. They also spend many hours of professional development and collaboration outside of the regular school day for educational purposes.

My personal evaluation has seen a lot of concern that teachers take home with them about each of their students.

The Ashland School System stays on top of the latest technology. Because there are so many changes and information that is accessible, teachers spend a lot of “extra time” in preparation for each class that is taught.

For example, Smartboards are a nice thing but they are still lecture tools.  The human element is still the essential component for making this learning process work.  The Ashland teachers deserve “high satisfactory”  ratings in this area.

The Ashland School District has qualified educators. The Kentucky Department of Education should be concerned that these highly trained professionals don’t start their own evaluation process. They might find a more lucrative profession that could be just as satisfying as teaching. That would be a shame for “Ashland’s kids.” 

Bryan Fleming, Ashland