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August 1, 2013

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ASHLAND — Subdivision not place for center

The July 28 story about Recovery Kentucky coming to Boyd County is very vague in saying it is being built around the Kyova Mall. The truth is it is being proposed to be built in Cedar Knoll subdivision.

I don’t understand how this can be even considered. I live there and none of the neighbors are in favor of this. If anything, we are scared to death to think that our safe area will be invaded by this element.

 I have always been careful not to expose my children to this. That is why I purchased my home here for them to grow up safe. Now, if this is allowed, no one will be safe.

Most of these men are criminals that have been ordered by the court to either go to rehab or jail! I have also learned that this wasn’t the first site proposed  for this facility; there was another away from residences.

Why was this changed ? Why would you build a treatment center overlooking a mall with two bars if you truly wanted someone to get rehabilitation? The facilities plans for this site need to be stopped now and built elsewhere, away from our families.

William Randolph, Ashland

Spitting out gum is form of littering

Isn’t spitting out gum when you are finished chewing it littering? I’ve noticed it a lot lately, especially in front of Aldi’s, Walmart and King’s Daughters’ Heart and Vascular Center.

Don’t people know how to dispose of gum properly? You keep the wrapper it came in, and when you are through chewing, you wrap the gum in the wrapper and throw it into a trash can.

What’s that I just stepped on? What’s that on my new sneakers? Aw, come on man!

Mike Dixon, Ashland

Attorney general supports crime

In the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, we have seen rioting with the implication that justice was denied Trayvon Martin.

One of the jurors said that jurors had diligently considered the evidence and came to the tearful  resolution that Zimmerman had acted in self-defense in shooting Martin. Hence, justice was done.

The evidence showed only Zimmerman was beaten, having been assaulted by Martin. The juror stated they had come to the conclusion that Zimmerman’s heart was in the right place, intending only to protect his community.

The jury’s finding should be accepted by all Americans with respect to our system of justice. The Sanford Police Department released Zimmerman without charges. That decision was backed up by the acquittal.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s reaction was disappointing and unprofessional. Of all people, he should accept the jury’s decision.

Instead, he revealed himself to be one of three things: an idiot, an ignorant fool or a lying propagandist. He referred to the shooting of Trayvon Martin as unnecessary and stated “stand your ground laws” led to an exclamation of violence. The fact is that in most cases where a gun is displayed, aggressors step down and the weapon is never fired.

Holder wants people to be required to retreat even to the point of abandoning their homes to the miscreants. I’m sure the criminals appreciate Holder’s support.

Steven Little, Ashland

AARF kennel  to open Satuday

TheAshland Animal Rescue Fund (AARF) is excited! This coming Saturday, August 3, we will be opening our kennel facilities to the public. We invite everyone to come visit us as we celebrate

Our new opening hours for the public. On Fridays and Saturdays we will be open from noon to  5 p.m..

Our kennel is located at 3238 Ky. 5,  Ashland.

Our adoptable dogs, puppies, cats and kitties look forward to meeting you. AARF has many beautiful, healthy animals just waiting for their family to come and adopt them.

All age ranges are available. The volunteers have worked long hours preparing for this event so that the animals can have a greater chance for a quicker adoption. AARF is a no kill  shelter.

We will have volunteer, adoption and foster forms available. We are always in great need for foster homes to help transition our furbabies to a home setting before their adoption. If you have considered volunteering or fostering, this will be a good day to ask questions about our programs. We welcome all those who love animals and want to make a difference in their lives. The rewards are immeasurable!

This Saturday we will have a bounce house on site, balloons and face painting for the younger crowd. Also there will be door prizes and a 50/50 drawing  in which you do not have to be present to win. Newly designed AARF T-shirts and other AARF merchandise will be offered for sale.

We look forward to meeting you this Saturday. Come grow with AARF!!

For more information find us on facebook @ ashland animal rescue fund

Linda Becker, AARF Foster Program

Meals on Wheels is a real godsend

I moved here from Simpsonville, N.C., last August to spend some time with my daughter and her family because she was going to have a baby in January.

With my bedroom suit and my living room furniture, I moved into a room in her garage. I had planned to move back to South Carolina in March, but I have been too sick to do so.  Although I had been sick for two years and had lost 80 pounds, doctors in South Carolina could not find anything wrong with me.

I became very ill in January and went to Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital with a large knot on my neck. They did tests, and I was told I had Hodgkins’ disease.

I have had eight rounds of chemo. Now I have to have 18 radiation treatments.

Someone gave my name to Greenup Meals on Wheels.  They came to see me, and every day they have brought me a wonderful lunch. When I got food stamps and told Mr. Stanley Ramey he could stop bringing me meals, he told me that I was too sick to cook for myself.

Mr. Ramey, the chairman of Greenup Meals or Wheels, and his staff have been a godsend to me. They have hugged me and prayed with me and for me. Now they are praying that after my radiation is over, I will find a way back to South Carolina.

Mr. Ramey and his staff are wonderful, and I just wanted people to know special Greenup Meals on Wheels is.

Melissa Taylor, Greenup

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