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December 1, 2013

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ASHLAND — Let peace process more forward

Will all you naysayers and warmongers please shut up for the next six months and quit bad-mouthing, ridiculing and making fun of our president so the peace process can move forward?

I have never in all my life seen and heard such disrespect, crude remarks  and statements coming from supposedly well-educated politicians who have been to political college to lean how to stretch the truth and will do almost anything to get elected or re-elected.

Like children, they had to shut down the government because they have never gotten over the fact that they spent so much money and still lost the election. They have already built up a huge war chest and the working people can never match it.

A few years ago I said, “If the politicians would use their war chests to pay down the deficit, we and our children and grandchildren would all benefit.”

When I was a child and we would argue or have some spats, we would sing, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Kitty F. Kouns, Ashland

Climate change is proven fact

William Secrest’s letter on Nov. 20 response to Lorry Swain’s letter on global warming while touting his ancestrial heritage and his family’s storied history, inheriting those past intellectual attributes suggest to me there’s a belief in the science of human traits and genes.

When man for the first time stuck his finger in an open flame, it scientifically told him he need not repeat that act in order to discover that he will be burned. Science has confirmed there is a continental drift, the moon’s 250,000 miles from earth and the world is not flat.

For decades, the world’s scientists from all global locations studying climate have recorded and exchanged data on climate conditions using technology such as satellite imaging, ice core samples, tree ring growth, observation of the world’s glaciers, reduction of Greenland’s ice sheets, thawing of the Arctic’s perma frost and thinning of its ice, etc. All are melting at an accelerated pace.

Whether one believes climate change is manmade or natural is irrelevant to the facts. Lest we forget, acid rain is a direct result of manmade origin and DDT was a factor in the near extinction of the bald eagle. Instead of believing that ocean levels are not rising, let’s theorize that the land masses are sinking instead. With the extractions of all the earth’s fossil fuels and minerals causing voids, resulting in land masses settling down, thus having the same effect as oceans rising.

Mr. Secrest states there are 100 countries left to travel to, perhaps he had better hurry. Several may be under water in the near future.

Earl Ferguson, Wurtland

Acts of kindness make difference

Recently I received a random act of kindness: a person ahead of me in line offered to pay for my purchases, saying it was a matter of personal faith and feeling pleasure in doing something for someone else. Obviously I was prepared and able to pay for my purchases myself, else I wouldn’t have been in line, but I said, “Yes, thank you, I appreciate your generosity and will pay it forward.”

Apparently this happens more often than I knew. Kind people with the means and motivation will be at grocery checkouts, fast food drive throughs or gas station waiting lines and randomly offer to pay for the next in line. I’ll bet few tell them no. They don’t obligate recipients in any way but are making a fairly sure bet for doing good. Some 96 percent of Americans are born with a hard-wired conscience and will, a natural inclination to either reciprocate or pay forward with some kindness or gift to another. It’s a good way to spread a wonderful positive behavior.

Another generous behavior to develop in this area is “suspended coffee” as described in an editorial in the Oct. 3, 2013, issue of the Manchester Signal newspaper. Begun in Italy, the practice has spread worldwide and been extended to sandwiches and meals.

Someone buying a coffee simply pays for a second one whose delivery is “suspended” until someone who has a hard time affording brewed coffee outside of home asks for one and gets it for free.

Surely in this community there is a need for gifts of coffee for those less able to afford them. I’d like to see every chain restaurant or service station that serves coffee have a sign on its door saying, “Suspended coffee available here.”

Barbara A. Lund, Lynx, Ohio

Sentence did not fit crime

I was watching television recently and the  man was telling about a man who had detonated a bomb in a large city here in the United States and killed several people while seriously injuring several more. The judicial system here in America for his terrible crime gave this man life in prison. They said that it was to pay his debt to society.       

Did the taxpayers or society get the elevator or the shaft? This man got free room and board, free medical and someone to get him up in the morning to a hot breakfast, exercise and maybe go to school and have lunch with the boys and sports at the gym. After a good dinner, he can retire to watch color television and have someone to watch over him and keep him safe while he sleeps.

 Whose side is the judicial system on??

 The Bible says “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” and I have here a one dollar bill that says, “in God we trust.”

Cliff Barker, Morehead

Kerosene helps kill bed bugs

My sister did not ot read my letter about "bed bugs" in the Independent, but she got mad at me for writing it. How could I write such terrible things about our Mom? she asked.

I told her no one could say any bad thing about our mother. When she saw a problem, she tried to correct. Mom gave advice when asked for it, fed people even hobos, helped raise grandchildren by giving them a home, treated people’s wounds and helped the doctors deliver babies. She raise 9 children out of 12. I am 12.

Other people have told me about their family's experience with bed bugs. The only thing they had to fight them was kerosene.

Helen Adkins, Flatwoods

Southland Bible stands firm

Southland Bible Institute held its 2013 Alumni Bible Conference Oct. 17 and 18, with well-noted pastors and speakers throughout the two-day conference. We all enjoyed food, fun, fellowship and heart-stirring sermons. Dr. Arnold Adams, president, along with our alumni staff was present to welcome us and our conference concluded with a group alumni picture and the singing of Southland’s school song, which could be echoed loud and clear throughout our campus.

In our country’s turbulent and secular times, we are grateful that Southland stands firm in its commitment to spread the Gospel and live by the Word of God. I am thankful to be a small part of Southland’s “best of the best!”

Kathleen Chamis, student, Southland Bible Institute

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